This is where you’ll find information on me, the things I do, the things I like, what I’m learning and what I’ve learned.  I’ve done freelance writing, project coordination, managed construction jobs, written a novel and lived through many strange occurences.

I took a break between high-school and University which went quite a bit longer than I expected.  Now I’m a copywriter for a marketing company by day and a student with a 3.73 GPA by night.  I spend a lot of my time being excessively tired.

You can find samples of my work on a few different blogs in the blog roll, and a few will be posted here for anyone curious about the type of things I scribble about.  I’m also very into music, so much so that I appear on an internet radio show called the Canadian Ruckus.  You can hear the edited segments on the show’s website, or the full-length version here.

I dote on an adorable 4′ long green iguana, I read far too quickly for my own good, and I harass politicos about copyright and other concepts mostly beyond their grasp.  I love reading about Canadian History, particularly when written by James Laxer, and Cities and Civilization, particularly when written by Jane Jacobs.

I can be contacted for freelance writing at Julia [dot] Vyse [at] gmail [dot] com.