This weekend, I’m ill-advisedly opening my home to five other writers to fill each room with a laptop and get a short novel on paper in just 72 hours.  We face isolation, hunger, confinement, writer’s block, insomnia and worst of all, sobriety, to get our stories down and polished.

At midnight this Friday the fiendish tap tap of fingers on keyboards marks the start of the marathon that is the 3-day Novel. Will my neighbours keep the noise down?  Will I care if anyone complains about accidentally being locked in the basement?  Will my giant reptile take kindly to strangers invading her home and if not…what will she do?

There will be twitter updates, photos posted on the facebook event and the occasional short comment from the Urban Ichthyosapien, who observes all literary attempts on my part.

Come one come all and see the least spectacular, least visually appealing, most devastatingly invigorating competition of the fall season!

Novel HO!