In a move seen as a play at Skype loyalty and to enhance the already ubiquitous Gmail features for homes and business, Google released Google Voice from Beta in the last week of June.  It appears at first to simply be a carrier-neutral voice app for the Nexus One, with lots of cool SMS features to make Gmail even more desirable over other email clients.

The Google Android platform and Android phone has thus far been treated as a way for the search and advertising company to compete with Apple technology. In a move that would please every Maker and consumer choice advocate’s heart melt, Google released the phone directly from its shop and refused to tether it to any particular carrier. The price is steep, but it means that you can use your phone however you wish, with whomever you choose.

The stage is now set for voice search on the Nexus One to overtake all mobile search. It’s the most efficient form of search on a mobile – qwerty, we love you, but our thumbs are about to fall off – and voice to text technology, while imperfect, could very well be programmed to adapt itself to uniquely understand your tone, inflection, voice and even breathing patterns. Goog-411 isn’t just about finding stuff for you on your mobile, it’s about finding out about you.

The company that masters this will rule mobile search because all of a sudden, we’ll be able to search on our phones, not try to search on our phones, as we do now. We’ll still need non-voice search for anything that we don’t wish to say out loud – at least in public – but make no mistake: once this works and Nexus Ones go down in price, search will mean voice search. Everything else will be non-voice search, or type-search or something equally handicapped with a descriptor. Voice search will be the norm. Gene Roddenberry would be proud.

It’s also going to be a lot of fun. Let’s say my phone gets to know me a little. It has a clock set to local time, and my voice changes throughout the day. When I ask for Coke, at 3pm it will know where I can stop for a can of soda. At 3am, it’ll dial a private number for me.

When I say chocolate milk, it will understand me and know that I didn’t mean milk chocolate. Instead of the current did you mean keyword guess which is genius, if a little condescending (and great for spell checking), it will get what I mean, because it’s MY search engine. It knows and understands me far better than my PC at work and even my laptop at home.

I personally can’t wait for any of this and neither can my carpal tunnels which need a break from all my txt to search. Instead of tiny pads that don’t fit my fingers because they have to fit everyone’s fingers, my phone will awaken and ask me what I need and then send for it. Instead of MacGuyver making do with what I have, I’ll be Knight Rider, with the coolest, most responsive, awesomeest technology ever developed.

Did I mention that all of this will be free? You see, every brand big, small and teensy will fall all over each other to get recognition on Google Voice Search. So much so that the program, perhaps even the phone can be offered for free. Yes, instead of freemium and the tethers that come with it or ads that interrupt your searches, videos and even conversations, Voice Search stands to outpace pc searches so much that it would be bad business to keep the technology locked behind a price wall.

The next generation technology will have video lip-read response for use by the hearing impaired. A phone for deaf people? Yes. Virtual currency is coming, but it can’t move forward if we need to type in search terms, choose sites, type in passwords and confirm sales with a qwerty keyboard. When we need to write the constitution of a digital world, we’ll crack out the keyboards and roll up our sleeves. …or just dictate it.

Phone: dial Alex. And bring me chicken for lunch! Bookmark video for commute home and confirm gas bill payment. All at once, right now.